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July 30, 2012 / Administrator

Henry County Constitutional Carry of Arms Petition

Henry County Constitutional Carry – Petiton 013 (1)

Above is the link to our Henry County Constitutional Carry Petition. You may make as many copies of it as you need.
There are 10 lines on each sheet. The deadline to turn them in is August 6. Please come to our turn-in meeting at 5 PM on Sunday, August 5th at the Cambridge Subway. Other arrangements can be made by calling myself, Jon Zahm, on my cell at 630-946-8683. You can text or call that number or e-mail me at Rebekah can be reached on her cell at 309-371-2196 or

Our leadership team is comprised of Co-Chairmen Jon Zahm and Rebekah McCaw, District 1 Chair Jacob Waller, and
District 2 Chair Rich Nordstrom.

Here are some important facts to remember:

Need Minimum 1446 signatures from registered voters of Henry County. Person who passes the petition does not have to be a registered voter in Henry County but should be 18 years of age or older.

Do not number the pages. We will do that when we collect them.

Sign your name in the first box and print it in the second. You may sign you own petition once.

After your petition is filled out take it to a Notary Public. Every bank has one. They will watch you sign the bottom and will verify it with their signature and notary stamp.

Do not allow anyone to sign for another person.

The boxes are relatively small so do your best to stay within the lines while still being legible.

Do not use PO Boxes for address and use the name on your voter registration card.

This is an advisory referendum. It does not have the force of law but it certainly indicates to our legislators how we feel about this issue.

Signing the petition indicates that a person wants this ballot question on the November 6 ballot for an up or down vote. 49 states, all but Illinois, have some form of open or concealed carry of arms legalized. My position is that if you are legal to own a firearm, you ought to be legal to carry it with you as a means of personal protection.

Thank you for your interest in this issue. Most important to me is to have an intelligent and open debate on this, and other issues of local, state, and national concern.

Jon A. Zahm
County Board District 2 (current map)
County Board District 1 (new map)


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