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August 7, 2012 / Administrator

Henry County Constitutional Carry of Arms Petition Drive a Success

For Immediate Release

August 7, 2012

Contact: Jon Zahm, cell 630-946-8683

(Osco)- Yesterday,at 3:34 PM, Henry County Board Member, and Co-Chairman of the Constitutional Carry of Arms petition campaign, Jon Zahm, filed the packet
of petitions at the office of the Henry County Clerk in Cambridge.

This will allow the people of Henry County to express at the ballot box whether they support the right of an individual who is legal to own a firearm, to have
the right to carry that firearm, open or concealed, for personal protection and other legal purposes. Illinois is the only state in the nation that does not have
some form of legal open or conceal carry.

“It is way beyond time that we the people express loud and clear to the Democrats in Springfield and Chicago that
we have had enough. The right to protect oneself and one’s family is critical to freedom and liberty. That is why our Founding Fathers, among them Patrick Henry,
for whom Henry County is named, enshrined this right in the Constitution,” Zahm said.

Here are the statistics on the packet:

214 Pages
1975 signatures (minimum required 1446)
30 Circulators of Petitions

Top 10 Collectors of Signatures:
Carrie Miller (Co-Chair of Patriots In Action)- 673
Jon Zahm (Osco)-126
James “Mike” Lively (Geneseo)- 100
Bobbi Gradert (Cambridge)- 88
Tim Smith (Geneseo)- 87
Rebekah McCaw (Woodhull)- 86
Colleen Reese (Colona)- 80
Mike Tope (Lynn Center)- 70
Sandra Whalen (Kewanee)- 62
Ryan Thrasher (Orion)- 57

Co-Chair of the Petition Campaign, and County Board member from Woodhull, Rebekah McCaw, said, “We believe in giving the citizens of Henry County a chance to vote on this issue. and make clear their position on it. Judging by the very strong response to the petition drive, there is a lot of support for the 2nd Amendment throughout all corners of the county.”

The petitions were gathered in just 15 days time.

The Committee also included District 1 Chairman Jacob Waller, a county board candidate from Geneseo, and District 2 Chairman Rich Nordstrom, a former county board member and the current Mayor of Galva. On behalf of the committee Jon Zahm and Rebekah McCaw want to thank all the citizens who signed the petition and the 30 who circulated it. We would also like to thank the businesses that allowed petitions at their stores. These included Fareway in Geneseo, The Country Store/BP on Wolf Road, Tim’s Barber Shop in Geneseo, BP in Woodhull, Carl’s Barber Shop in Geneseo, and Franklin’s Barber Shop in Colona. We also thank our legislators who voiced support to us for this petition. They are State Senator Darin LaHood and State Representatives Don Moffitt and Rich Morthland. Also supportive is Senate Republican nominee Bill Albracht who is running to represent part of Colona under the new legislative map.

We also wish to thank Tim Wells, Henry County Board Chairman, who performed much of the Notary Public work for the petitions.

We also thank the employees of our three gun manufacturers in Henry County who showed their support by passing and signing the petition, and encouraging others to do likewise. These key local employers are Springfield Armory, Armalite, and Rock River Arms.

More detail on the petition, and updates as it moves forward to the vote on November 6, will be posted at


Here are the other 20 Circulators of the Petition for whom we also greatly appreciate.

Darrell Reiling- Atkinson 49
Rodney Peterson- Geneseo 44
Doug Crow- Geneseo 41
Rich Nordstrom- Galva 40
Phyllis Cole- Geneseo 40
Patricia Rusk- Geneseo 40
John L. Swan, Sr.- Colona 37
Juston Vermost- Cambridge 32
Robert Wachtel- Geneseo 30
Jake Waller- Geneseo 30
Daniel Ames- Cambridge 28
Sarah Larson- Colona 27
Sharon Rossell- Geneseo 20
Terry Sommers- Prophetstown 20
Joe Novak- Kewanee 17
James Larson- Altona 15
Rick Livesay- Geneseo 10
David Reke- Colona 9
James Boldman- Kewanee 9
Seth Reddick- Osco 8


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