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November 4, 2012 / Administrator

Busy Day in Henry County Today

I wanted to get around District 1 as much as possible today to support all the community events that I could.

My crew of helpers/companions was limited however. Sam, our 8-year old, was just diagnosed with asthma and had a serious middle of the night asthma attack a few days ago that resulted in a trip to the ER at HHH in Geneseo (care was great there as always). So he is on limited duty. Jonah, one of the twins has a bad cough and is under the weather too. So it was me and Daniel, the other 12-year old twin to hit the road today.

We started by walking in Ward 1 of Geneseo. Great response. Then buffet lunch at Golden Garden with County Board Chairman Tim Wells, his great wife Cynthia,and County Board members Kathy Nelson and Bill Preston. After that a visit to the American Action Network office, capably manned by David Reke,.

Then on to Geneseo HS for the close loss in the playoff game to Coal City. 12-10. But an amazing 50th straight winning season is in the books for the storied Green Machine program. Congrats to all the players, coaches and parents!

Next was a delicious wild game dinner in support of the Boy Scouts of Geneseo at the Moose. I also won two auction prize packages there. One from Springfield Armory and one from Geneseo Republic. 

Finished up at Orion HS for playoff football. The Chargers kept it close for more than a half but then succumbed to a very tough Amboy/Lamoille team. Coach Filler and the whole organization should be proud of the season, especially the second half when they put together a string of strong performances. This is a young team and they will be a force next year. They have a middle school team that has not lost in 2 years so more help is on the way to the varsity.

Fun day. Kind of have that bone chill feeling from being outside so much. But it was worth it. Henry County is a great place to live, work, play, and raise a family.



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