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November 5, 2012 / Administrator

Election Day Tuesday

Today I will attend rallies in Kewanee and Geneseo to support our Henry County Congressman Bobby Schilling.

I ask for your vote for me for a second term. Here is a summary of my work on the County Board:

Perfect attendance at all 22 general County Board Meetings
One of only 6 to oppose 2012 deficit budget
One of only 3 to refuse to take all mileage reimbursements
Chaired Committee that reduced Board size from 24 to 20. Tried to reduce board to 12 but got outvoted 21-3.
Led Redistricting map that united Geneseo and Atkinson in the same district and reduced districts from 3 to 2
Proposed increasing number of dogs allowed on rural properties to 4 from 3. Lost Committee vote 3-1
Called for ending of PR Spokesman position. This saves $7,000 a year.
Proposed numerous specific cuts to Finance Committee including rents, reimbursements, and above COLA raises
Wrote numerous monthly columns for free in the Colona Courier newsletter to inform citizens of board business
Called for improvements to web site for more transparency. Great changes made. Will push for more ongoing.
Member of Communications Committee, Served as Acting Chairman twice
Member of Planning and Development Committee

I suggest you vote for our whole Republican team of 10 in District 1 and 10 in District 2. We are the bottom ten names on the ballot. Among ourselves we are diverse and offer a wide range of experience and backgrounds.

I am voting for State Senator Darin LaHood and State Rep. Don Moffitt, two conservative and effective legislators. If you are in the Colona area please vote for Senate candidate Bill Albracht and Rep. Rich Morthland. They are excellent as well. For Circuit Clerk Jackie Oberg is exceptionally well qualified with 15 years direct office experience.

Lastly, vote YES on Constitutional Carry of Arms. We need to send a message to our State government in Chicago and Springfield, even if it is advisory, that we deserve the Constitutional right to carry a firearm, open or concealed, for personal protection. Every other state in the country has some form of right to carry legislation. The time is now to make this right.

And, yes, I support Mitt Romney for President and have his sign in front of my home. I think he will win the Presidency in a very close race, but, unfortunately, not Illinois due to the influence of Chicago.


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