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December 5, 2012 / Administrator

Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants? Are you kidding me?

Today the Illinois Senate voted 41-14-1-3 to allow illegal immigrants to legally drive a vehicle on our public streets. I watched the whole debate from the balcony sitting with my 8-year old son Sam. It is amazing to me that there are Republican “leaders” who see this as a good idea. Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno, Caucus Chair Matt Murphy, and former Governor candidates Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard are among the Senators who claim that encouraging 250,000 illegal immigrants to drive on our roads will make us safer.

What we need to do instead is pass laws that cause anyone caught driving without a license and/or insurance to face severe penalties, such as confiscation of their vehicle, heavy fines, even some time in the county jail for a second offense. That will set up the type of deterrent to get these untrained drivers, many of whom do not speak or read English, off the roads and either into public transportation, to another state that allows lawlessness like this (so far only New Mexico and Washington), or a return to their home country until legal citizenship is attained.

The new Hispanic Republican Governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez, is trying to repeal her state’s law because it has made the state a magnet for illegal immigrants and the roads have become less, not more, safe.

The 14 Senators who deserve praise for their NO votes are Bivins, Bomke, Cultra, Duffy, Haine, Christine Johnson, Jones, LaHood, Lauzen, Luechtefeld, Maloney, McCann, McCarter, and Syverson. Gary Forby voted present. Absent were Althoff, Hutchinson, and Righter. Senator Lauzen deserves special mention for giving a strong public statement against the bill. Henry County’s Senator Darin LaHood was a solid NO, as was Tim Bivins, who currently represents part of Northern Henry County. Colona area Senator Mike Jacobs voted AYE. We will have another chance to defeat him at the polls in 2014.

Getting some of these drivers insured will only result in there being some insurance money available to bury the dead legal drivers that are now more likely to come in contact with these lawbreaking illegals since they will be magnetically drawn to Illinois to take advantage of this special privilege. Wait until we see the cost of services, including public education, to pay for all of these new illegals flocking here. Mark my words, This will be a failed experiment, just as it was in Utah and is currently failing in Washington and New Mexico.


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  1. Jeff Perkins / Dec 5 2012 2:30 pm

    I have an idea: perhaps a validly issued MEXICAN driver’s license could be a substitute, particularly if the United States (or Illinois) makes it plain that such should be issued only under conditions at least as rigorous as those in force in a state like Illinois. (Which, sadly, are not that rigorous.) This solution would avoid the whole issue of state punishment of illegal immigration, and might just confer a smidge of competence to the mix of drivers on the roads — many of whom should have their licenses revoked, regardless of nationality.

    I don’t at all favor illegal immigration and believe that the federal government has been criminally lax in stopping it. But that issue is almost totally disconnected from the safety of our roads.

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