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November 4, 2012 / Administrator

Busy Day in Henry County Today

I wanted to get around District 1 as much as possible today to support all the community events that I could.

My crew of helpers/companions was limited however. Sam, our 8-year old, was just diagnosed with asthma and had a serious middle of the night asthma attack a few days ago that resulted in a trip to the ER at HHH in Geneseo (care was great there as always). So he is on limited duty. Jonah, one of the twins has a bad cough and is under the weather too. So it was me and Daniel, the other 12-year old twin to hit the road today.

We started by walking in Ward 1 of Geneseo. Great response. Then buffet lunch at Golden Garden with County Board Chairman Tim Wells, his great wife Cynthia,and County Board members Kathy Nelson and Bill Preston. After that a visit to the American Action Network office, capably manned by David Reke,.

Then on to Geneseo HS for the close loss in the playoff game to Coal City. 12-10. But an amazing 50th straight winning season is in the books for the storied Green Machine program. Congrats to all the players, coaches and parents!

Next was a delicious wild game dinner in support of the Boy Scouts of Geneseo at the Moose. I also won two auction prize packages there. One from Springfield Armory and one from Geneseo Republic. 

Finished up at Orion HS for playoff football. The Chargers kept it close for more than a half but then succumbed to a very tough Amboy/Lamoille team. Coach Filler and the whole organization should be proud of the season, especially the second half when they put together a string of strong performances. This is a young team and they will be a force next year. They have a middle school team that has not lost in 2 years so more help is on the way to the varsity.

Fun day. Kind of have that bone chill feeling from being outside so much. But it was worth it. Henry County is a great place to live, work, play, and raise a family.


November 4, 2012 / Administrator

AP Interviews Henry County SA Terry Patton on Concealed Carry

Good job by our State’s Attorney on this important issue.

9 Illinois counties to consider concealed carry

Associated Press

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (AP) — With most voters focused on the economy or health care when they vote on Tuesday, some in Illinois will get a chance to send a message about gun control.

Gun-rights advocates in at least nine mostly rural counties have placed measures on ballots asking voters if they want Illinois to allow its residents to carry concealed weapons. Currently, it is the last U.S. state where it’s entirely illegal.

The measures are non-binding, since no local law can override state law. But advocates hope the votes help build pressure on lawmakers to support so-called “concealed carry,” an issue that resonates in much of Illinois, and highlights the divide between Chicago’s powerful anti-gun forces and the rest of the state.

While Gov. Pat Quinn, a Chicagoan, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have both pushed for even tighter controls on guns, both the Republican and Democratic candidates in one downstate congressional race say they’d like to see concealed weapons legalized. And a prosecutor in McLean County in central Illinois said recently that he wouldn’t enforce the current state ban.

“Part of it, I’m sure, is that growing up in more rural areas, people have grown up hunting, shooting guns,” said Terry Patton, the Henry County State’s Attorney, who supports the legalization of concealed weapons. “They don’t have the fear of guns, maybe, that someone who has never held a gun or shot a gun in their life might have against guns.”

Patton said there are nights he leaves the courthouse when he wishes he could carry a gun.

“There’s a fair number of times when I’m walking out of the office at night and just finished making a lot of family and loved ones extremely unhappy, sending someone away to prison.”

Quinn has promised to veto any bill that would legalize concealed weapons, and earlier this year pushed for a ban on assault weapons. And Emanuel has pushed for statewide handgun registration, as part of a tough gun-control stance he inherited from previous Chicago mayors.

“We don’t want situations when people can pull out weapons at their local grocery store, sports stadium or shopping mall,” said Quinn spokeswoman Brooke Anderson.

The Illinois House last year voted down a bill that would have legalized concealed weapons, but the vote was close.

The idea of allowing people to legally walk around with a “deadly weapon” in a pocket or holster horrifies Colleen Daley, the executive director of the Chicago-based Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence. She’s grown used to constant pressure from gun rights advocates to make it legal, but sees no reason to worry it will happen soon.

“Every year we do hear, `This is the year concealed carry is going to pass,'” said Daley, who isn’t related to the Chicago political family of the same name.

In addition to Henry County, the concealed weapons measures are on ballots in nearby McDonough, Mercer, Rock Island and Warren counties, Adams and Schuyler counties in western Illinois, Bond County in the south-central part of the state, and Stephenson County along the Wisconsin state line.

In Warren County, the man behind the ballot measure is 42-year-old Sean McKee, a computer-network administrator, husband and father who lives just outside Monmouth.

He started gathering the signatures needed to get the question onto the ballot after a series of break-ins in the rural area where he lives. He installed a security system but decided he’d be in trouble if he actually caught someone breaking in.

“What am I going to do if I pull up in our driveway and there’s somebody carrying out our guns from our home?” McKee asked. “I don’t have a gun with me.”

Gun-rights advocates believe the ballot measures are a good way to pressure lawmakers to try again, and a reason for optimism. Town hall meetings on the subject around the state have drawn big crowds in both counties with ballot measures and without.

“We had a standing room only crowd of 500 people” at a meeting in McHenry County in northern Illinois, said Valinda Rowe, spokeswoman for a group called IllinoisCarry that tracks gun-rights advocacy around the state. She lives in rural White County in southeastern Illinois.

While there may be strong support in some areas outside Chicago, it isn’t universal. State Rep. Naomi Jakobsson, a Democrat whose district includes most of Champaign and Urbana, says she polled constituents about a year and a half ago and found that two-thirds didn’t want concealed weapons to be legalized.

But in the race for central Illinois’ 15th Congressional District – a largely rural area but including Jakobsson’s state House district and the University of Illinois – both Republican Rodney Davis and Democrat David Gill say Illinois residents should be able to carry guns, even on college campuses.

“That’s where bad stuff happens,” Gill said during an October debate.

A number of state’s attorneys, like Warren County’s Chip Algren, say that while they back the legalization of concealed weapons, they would first want restrictions – background checks, mandatory firearms-safety courses, and limits on where a gun could be carried.

“I don’t think it would be a good idea for everybody to be able to sit around a bar packing a piece,” Algren said, “or walking into a school with a gun.”

© 2012 The Associated Press.

November 1, 2012 / Administrator

November 1st is Henry County Day at Schilling HQ

Come join me today at the Bobby Schilling for Congress Headquarters at 367 Avenue of the Cities in
East Moline. Phones are open 9 to 9 and we will be calling into Henry County. I will be there in the afternoon
thru close. Bobby is a great guy and dedicated Congressman. Let’s show our support for him. Volunteers needed every day up to and including Election Day.

September 30, 2012 / Administrator

Beautiful Fall Day

Today we heard a great message in Sunday School on how Moses was used by God to step outside his comfort zone and skill set to be a leader of men. After that my wife made a delicious chopped salad for the family and I have been working on the computer doing some writing and researching for my clients. In a few minutes I will head out with our youngest to State Rep. Don Moffitt’s Family Farm Fundraiser. Then Sam and I will end the night supporting Congressman Bobby Schilling, Senate candidate Bill Albracht, and Rep. candidates Rich Morthland and Neil Anderson at a forum at Black Hawk College. Hope everyone else enjoys their Sunday!

September 22, 2012 / Administrator

Saturday 9/22 Rally with Congressmen Hultgren and Schilling in Orion

For Immediate Release

September 14, 2012

Contact: Jan Weber @ 309-714-1617 or Jon Zahm @ (cell) 630-946-8683

Congressmen Hultgren and Schilling Leading Republican Rally in Orion Saturday 9/22

(Geneseo)- The Henry County Republican Central Committee (HCRCC) is pleased to announce that both Henry County Congressmen, Randy Hultgren and Bobby Schilling, will be speaking at a free Republican Rally in Orion’s Central Park from 4 to 6 PM on Saturday, September 22nd.

Congressman Hultgren represents the Orion area currently, but the district boundaries have changed for 2012 and Congressman Schilling is now running to represent Orion in Washington D.C. Both Congressmen are supporting Circuit Clerk nominee Jackie Oberg and the 20 Republican candidates for County Board who are facing off against 20 Democrats.

The HCRCC is providing refreshments at the event. HCRCC Chairman Jan Weber, Henry County Board Chairman Tim Wells, and Henry County Board member Jon Zahm will offer welcome remarks and introductions of the elected officials and candidates in attendance.

“This is a great opportunity to hear from two of the brightest, most exciting, young Congressmen in the nation. ” event Chairman Jon Zahm said. “We enourage families to attend. It is a beautiful park and we will have a great time together,” Zahm concluded.


September 4, 2012 / Administrator

Great Orion Fall Festival

I had a great time walking in the parade Sunday and working the Republican booth in the park from 11 to 4. It was especially enjoyable to have my 12 year-old twin sons, Jonah and Daniel, with me. They are well known in Orion, having played a year of t-ball, a year of coach pitch, and a year of Little League. I had the privilege of managing their Orion teams each year before we moved up to travel ball. They have also played 3 seasons of Orion youth basketball.

Congratulations to Mindy Carls, the excellent editor of the Orion Gazette, for being named as the Grand Marshal of the parade. Her commitment to community journalism is outstanding. She is such an asset to the greater Orion area and is a tireless worker. Does she ever take time off? The children of the community are especially blessed by her dedication to covering their academic and athletic achievements in words and pictures.

August 27, 2012 / Administrator

Convention Off to Great Start

Huge crowd Sunday night at the beautiful Tropicana Field where the Tampa Bay Rays play baseball.

Great music, food, and fellowship with Republicans from across America. Due to Hurricane Isaac there will not be official events Monday. But the heart of the storm has veered west. This is good for Tampa and Clearwater Beach (where our Illinois delegation is staying) but bad news for New Orleans.

There is a good article from the Moline Dispatch by Eric Timmons. Here are the parts quoting me and Galva Mayor Rich Nordstrom:

Traveling to the convention as a delegate will be Henry County Board member Jon Zahm. He was elected as a delegate for Rick Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator who lost to Mr. Romney in the GOP primary. Mr. Santorum released his delegates on Thursday, allowing them to vote for Mr. Romney at the convention.

“I’m very happy to be voting for Mitt Romney. He’s stayed true to the conservative platform that he’s running on,” said Mr. Zahm.

Mr. Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin congressman, will speak on Wednesday night. Mr. Zahm said the convention will give the nation a chance to get to know Mr. Ryan, who, although popular in conservative circles, has not had a high profile on the national stage until recently.

Galva Mayor Rich Nordstrom was one of the three delegates elected in the 17th District, along with Mr. Zahm and Kay Ferris of Sterling. All three were Santorum delegates.

“I’m 100 percent behind Romney,” Mr. Nordstrom said. “I’m really looking forward to the week, it’s just an exciting time.

Go read the whole story: