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April 23, 2014 / Administrator

Chicago Casino and Massive Gambling Expansion Bad for Downstate and Illinois

The Chicago Mega-Casino and Illinois Gambling Expansion Bill
–Would authorize borrowing of up to $900 million to build Rahm one of the
world’s largest casinos on the Chicago riverfront. Risk of debt spread to all Illinois taxpayers. Most of the benefits goes to Chicago. We have seen this before. Chicago always wins, and the rest of the state always pays.
–Creates the Chicago Casino Development Authority that
would have eminent domain, condemnation, and unlimited bonding powers
–Allows 5 new casinos to be built in Illinois, cannibalizing the market already existing for the ten previously approved. and the video gambling already enacted
–Allows each of the state’s six horse tracks to become “racinos”” with electronic gambling allowed. However, the bill sells these six racino licenses for a COMBINED total of under $150 million. ONE racino license in Indiana sold for $250 million.
–Illinois Chamber of Commerce opposes this bill.
More arguments and information at
April 15, 2014 / Administrator

Spring 2014 Update

A lot of good came out of the recent Republican Primary. Tim Wells won the nomination to be our next County Treasurer. Jim Oberweis won 72% of the vote in Henry County and will be the Republican nominee to take on liberal Sen. Dick Durbin, who was first elected to Congress in 1982. And we have a strong candidate for Henry County Clerk/Recorder. He is Dan Swanson, a decorated Veteran, former AlWood School Board member, and longtime family farmer and dedicated husband and father..

I am in my 2nd year as one of your Regional School Board Trustees, first elected in April of 2013. I am also continuing to represent the good people of Osco Township on the Republican Central Committee.

Thank you for your support and please follow me on Facebook at Jon A. Zahm or Twitter @GoliathSlayer68..

I update those much more frequently than this blog.

God Bless You,


May 1, 2013 / Administrator

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Congresswoman Bustos

(Sorry about the way the formatting transferred here- the originals were cleaner)

For Immediate Release

May 1, 2013

From: Jon A. Zahm, Osco Township Republican Committeeman

Re: Ethics Complaint Filed Against Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (D-East Moline)

(Osco)- The Congressional service of Cheri Bustos has gotten off to a rocky and embarrassing start.

First she had her Chief of Staff, Jerry Lack, quit in the first 30 days of his tenure. Then she struggled

to get her offices opened quickly in a geographically diverse spread throughout the district as promised.

From day one Bustos has gone to DC to vote with the liberals there, starting with her support for

San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. Then she comes home to our district

and tries to please everyone with middle of the road rhetoric. However, that make both those who are left, and those

who are right, unhappy.

Now Bustos has a bigger problem. It appears that she violated the Rules of the House of Representatives by

directing people who visited her campaign directly to her taxpayer funded web site. The mixing of private campaign

resources with publicly funded, and taxpayer paid resources, is strictly prohibited.

Below is the letter that I wrote, with the attachment, to the House Office of Congressional Ethics.

I can be reached for comments or questions by return e-mail or by cell at 630-946-8683. In conclusion I say…

“It is very sad to be stuck with a Chicago/San Francisco style Congresswoman in the heartland of America right

here in Western Illinois. Rep. Bustos has hardly arrived in Washington and she is already violating ethics rules

and voting against the people and values of our region,” said Jon Zahm, a Republican precinct committeeman and

Regional School Board Trustee-elect to be serving approx. 100,000 constituents in Bureau, Henry, and Stark Counties

beginning May 20.

To: United States House Office of Congressional Ethics

P.O. Box 895

Washington, D.C. 20515-0895

From: Jon A. Zahm

14910 Osco Road

Osco, IL 61274

cell 630-946-8683

Date of Infraction: January 17, 2013 and for an undetrmined length of time thereafter.

Dear Honorable Committee:

The House Committee on Ethics (“the Committee”) publicly released an important letter recently that represents a significant change in policy regarding political websites and social media. In sum, the Committee has realized that with the rise in the prominence of social media and the Internet, constituents are often sending messages to political websites and social media outlets with the intent of reaching a Member’s official site. Thus, it is now the policy of the Committee that Members’ campaign sites may provide a hyperlink to Members’ official websites IF that hyperlink is accompanied by a disclaimer that has been approved by the Committee on Ethics in advance. This also applies to a Member’s political Twitter and Facebook sites, and extends to any other social media outlets that campaigns may be using on the internet. Any sites without a disclaimer may not contain a hyperlink for, or reference at all, a Member’s official website. Please note that while linking to the official site from the political site is now permitted, the reverse – linking to a political site from the Member’s official site – is still strictly prohibited.

The Committee has said that the following disclaimer is permissible:

Thank you for visiting my campaign (website/Twitter page/Facebook page). If your intention was to visit my official House of Representatives (website/Twitter page/Facebook page), please click here.

Rep. Bustos’ message:


This message is concerning and worthy of investigation because…

Rep. Bustos had a direct link connecting her campaign Facebook page with her official, (and purportedly) taxpayer paid, web site and Facebook. That is strictly prohibited without the official, pre-approved disclaimer. (Please see attached letter on previous ruling).

To the best of my ability all information has been obtained legally from materials in the public domain. I am a resident, voter, and taxpayer of the 17th Congressional District of Illinois and am a citizen desirious that the United States Constitution, the laws of the United States, and official rules of the United States House of Representatives are followed. I will send a hard copy of this complaint, with the signed statement of awareness of the “False Statements Act”, via postal mail out of the Osco IL Post Office, 61274 on 4/30/13.

I ask this Honorable Committee to investigate this alleged violation and issue appropriate sanctions and penalties as the rules and law requires.


/s/Jon A. Zahm

Ethics Letter on Political Social Media linking to Official Webpage

March 15, 2013 / Administrator

Gun Owner Rights Continue to be Under Attack

When my friend Rebekah McCaw, and I, spearheaded the Constitutional Carry of firearms referendum on the November ballot we were heartened that the voters of Henry County affirmed the cause with a 74.5% aye vote. The Chicago Democrats though are trying to weaken our 2nd Amendment rights will all sorts of schemes including a $50 FOID card (now it is $5) and all kinds of bans on certain types of guns and ammo that are used currently for perfectly legal purposes. Two days ago, 55 Democrats and 2 Republicans tried to make illegal any clips of magazines that hold more than 10 bullets. Thank you to my Senator Darin LaHood, and Representative Don Moffitt, for staying true to the 2nd Amendment and opposing all of these gun grabbing and rights limiting schemes.

December 5, 2012 / Administrator

Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants? Are you kidding me?

Today the Illinois Senate voted 41-14-1-3 to allow illegal immigrants to legally drive a vehicle on our public streets. I watched the whole debate from the balcony sitting with my 8-year old son Sam. It is amazing to me that there are Republican “leaders” who see this as a good idea. Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno, Caucus Chair Matt Murphy, and former Governor candidates Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard are among the Senators who claim that encouraging 250,000 illegal immigrants to drive on our roads will make us safer.

What we need to do instead is pass laws that cause anyone caught driving without a license and/or insurance to face severe penalties, such as confiscation of their vehicle, heavy fines, even some time in the county jail for a second offense. That will set up the type of deterrent to get these untrained drivers, many of whom do not speak or read English, off the roads and either into public transportation, to another state that allows lawlessness like this (so far only New Mexico and Washington), or a return to their home country until legal citizenship is attained.

The new Hispanic Republican Governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez, is trying to repeal her state’s law because it has made the state a magnet for illegal immigrants and the roads have become less, not more, safe.

The 14 Senators who deserve praise for their NO votes are Bivins, Bomke, Cultra, Duffy, Haine, Christine Johnson, Jones, LaHood, Lauzen, Luechtefeld, Maloney, McCann, McCarter, and Syverson. Gary Forby voted present. Absent were Althoff, Hutchinson, and Righter. Senator Lauzen deserves special mention for giving a strong public statement against the bill. Henry County’s Senator Darin LaHood was a solid NO, as was Tim Bivins, who currently represents part of Northern Henry County. Colona area Senator Mike Jacobs voted AYE. We will have another chance to defeat him at the polls in 2014.

Getting some of these drivers insured will only result in there being some insurance money available to bury the dead legal drivers that are now more likely to come in contact with these lawbreaking illegals since they will be magnetically drawn to Illinois to take advantage of this special privilege. Wait until we see the cost of services, including public education, to pay for all of these new illegals flocking here. Mark my words, This will be a failed experiment, just as it was in Utah and is currently failing in Washington and New Mexico.

November 9, 2012 / Administrator

Election Results

Congratulations to the winners in District 1:

Republicans Karen Urick, Tim Wells, Kathy Nelson, Rick Livesay, Loren Rathjen, Bill Preston, Marv Gradert, Jake Waller, and Democrats Ann DeSmith and JoAnne Hillman.

I earned more votes than 8 Democrat candidates, but needed to beat all 10 to get re-elected. When I voted to reduce the number of Board members from 24 to 20 I publicly stated that it might cost me the opportunity to be re-elected, but it was more important to reduce government than look out for my own interests. In fact, I voted to reduce the Board to 12, but only two board members voted with me on that.

There are plenty of ways to serve the public and I will continue to be active in my church, community, and government.

Thank you to all who voted for me, and even thanks to those who did not. Participating in our democratic republic is a great privilege granted by our forefathers, and protected and fought for by our Veterans. God bless you and yours.
It is great to live, play and work in Henry County.

Jon Zahm

November 5, 2012 / Administrator

Election Day Tuesday

Today I will attend rallies in Kewanee and Geneseo to support our Henry County Congressman Bobby Schilling.

I ask for your vote for me for a second term. Here is a summary of my work on the County Board:

Perfect attendance at all 22 general County Board Meetings
One of only 6 to oppose 2012 deficit budget
One of only 3 to refuse to take all mileage reimbursements
Chaired Committee that reduced Board size from 24 to 20. Tried to reduce board to 12 but got outvoted 21-3.
Led Redistricting map that united Geneseo and Atkinson in the same district and reduced districts from 3 to 2
Proposed increasing number of dogs allowed on rural properties to 4 from 3. Lost Committee vote 3-1
Called for ending of PR Spokesman position. This saves $7,000 a year.
Proposed numerous specific cuts to Finance Committee including rents, reimbursements, and above COLA raises
Wrote numerous monthly columns for free in the Colona Courier newsletter to inform citizens of board business
Called for improvements to web site for more transparency. Great changes made. Will push for more ongoing.
Member of Communications Committee, Served as Acting Chairman twice
Member of Planning and Development Committee

I suggest you vote for our whole Republican team of 10 in District 1 and 10 in District 2. We are the bottom ten names on the ballot. Among ourselves we are diverse and offer a wide range of experience and backgrounds.

I am voting for State Senator Darin LaHood and State Rep. Don Moffitt, two conservative and effective legislators. If you are in the Colona area please vote for Senate candidate Bill Albracht and Rep. Rich Morthland. They are excellent as well. For Circuit Clerk Jackie Oberg is exceptionally well qualified with 15 years direct office experience.

Lastly, vote YES on Constitutional Carry of Arms. We need to send a message to our State government in Chicago and Springfield, even if it is advisory, that we deserve the Constitutional right to carry a firearm, open or concealed, for personal protection. Every other state in the country has some form of right to carry legislation. The time is now to make this right.

And, yes, I support Mitt Romney for President and have his sign in front of my home. I think he will win the Presidency in a very close race, but, unfortunately, not Illinois due to the influence of Chicago.